We stand for honoring nature, pioneering plant-based and conscious innovation that is better for our planet while making strides in social equality. Because we know that you choose with intention, together we’re going to make positive change for a better world.


Take charge to do the right thing, even if this comes at a greater cost to our business.

Push ourselves and take responsibility to continually improve our practices to create the most effective and sustainable skincare for you.

Speak out and stand up for the issues we care about. We may do this imperfectly, but we need to start somewhere.

Be honest with you. Ask us and we’ll answer. We don’t have all the answers, but we’ll tell it to you straight. There’s transparency behind every decision we make.

Nature is inherently sustainable. She creates only what she needs to survive, never wasting precious resources, committing elements to the earth that restore. Inspired by the principles of nature, we look for the synchronicity between the environment and ourselves and believe this can be balanced with economic value. We operate with intent and with consciousness, on a mission to achieve our B Corporation certification to verify our social and environmental performance to you.



We begin with researching botanicals grown in their natural habitat, visiting producers whenever possible. Wild harvested and certified organic, we take only what is needed to maintain a natural balance of give and take. Because we work directly with independent farmers and local cooperatives educated to sustain and protect the natural biome, we know the precise source of our botanical origins to be able to verify that ingredients are of the highest grade, grown and gathered in their true to nature form. By giving these botanicals, our ethical naturals, an economic value, this protects valuable natural resources against agricultural encroachment and deforestation in some of the most at-risk regions in the world.



It is a difficult truth that some of the ingredients we use in natural skincare can also contribute to climate change. It is not a given that natural always means sustainable. Because of this, we believe in creating skincare with environmentally friendly, natural and ethically derived synthetic ingredient with consciousness, minimizing the environmental impact of our products. We check every ingredient in our formulations are from sustainable sources, often choosing to use ethical synthetics - lab derived nature-identical molecules - as part of what we call conscious innovation, which are often better for our planet with equal efficacy.



The Good Face Project is on a mission to make cosmetic ingredient transparency a standard for the beauty industry to determine safer, more efficacious products. Using cutting edge data science and artificial intelligence, they analyze product formulations to give a no-nonsense, facts-based guide. Qualifying ingredients are graded using a traffic light system for their standard of safety as an allergen, irritant, hormone disruptor or carcinogen. We are Good Face Project Approved.



Our botanicals create opportunities for local communities to earn a valuable income and benefit their environment. But the key to this is transparency. Because we work in partnership with local cooperatives, we have visibility over the safety and fair treatment of farmers and harvesters throughout the cultivation process and ensure that they use the proceeds to embark on meaningful community upliftment initiatives.

Not content with this alone, we meaningfully impact economically vulnerable communities through social enterprise, Buy1Give1, providing education, business training and upskilling communities with each one of our products purchased.



Just the two of us. While we are a team of two, South African Founder Jené, and British Born Chinese Chief of Relationships Rachel, we work with a range of diverse contractors from around the world. The evidence is clear that having a diverse workforce is a ethical and business advantage, and we always aim to have the best talent in the best seats no matter what they look like. Our aim as we grow is to hire a diverse team across genders and from all backgrounds that most importantly represent our values and share our mission.



While all of our packaging is recyclable and chosen for its ease to be recycled, we know we have work to do. Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastics, biobased plastics, refillables and closing the loop by offering a verifiable recycling and returnable packaging program are all options we continue to investigate. The limitations for independent brands are often the high cost and minimum order quantities, which prevent us from gaining access to these resources, but we continue to do our research. Reform and regulation across industries is needed to create systemic change throughout the supply chain that we all share. In the meantime, we continue to educate and incentivize our customers to recycle and encourage them to reuse and repurpose.



Working with Shop Pay via Shopify we offset the carbon footprint of every package we ship. We neutralize these emissions by helping the Brazil Nut Concession Forest Conservation Project, a Verified Carbon Standard certified project, to protect more than 291,566 hectares of tropical forest in the Amazon. There's is no added cost to you, this is on us.



Our handpicked lab has 25 years’ experience in the cosmetics industry, known for its state of the art production facilities and technology expertise. All our products are manufactured in the USA under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines and comply with the most stringent international standards.