It’s with this in mind that all our packaging has been thoughtfully chosen to use recyclable materials and minimal plastics. We share with you all the materials we use to empower you and encourage better recycling practices.

Where we are accountable:

We use only recyclable materials such as glass, aluminum, plastic and paper. Any plastics used in pumps, droppers and caps are either white or clear for ease of recycling.

Our serum droppers, cleanser pumps, and mist sprayers can be fully disassembled to be properly cleaned to increase the acceptance at recycling centers.

We consciously choose not to manufacture single use sachet samples that are not recyclable and never use single use plastics.

While some councils can recycle ABL moisturiser tubes, we are transitioning to aluminum in 2022.

All our shipping materials are eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable.

It’s our ethical responsibility to put planet before profit and we encourage other businesses to follow suit in our campaign for systemic change.



(available in US + Canada only)

Think of millions of little jars, tubes, caps, and pumps used by the beauty industry every year. Despite your best efforts to clean and place them in curb side recycling, most of them are headed for the trash or become pollution because they are too small for Material Recovery Facilities to catch.

It doesn’t have to be this way. LUXE Botanics is excited to join forces with Pact Collective. Together we are closing the loop on the industry’s hard to recycle packaging.

Our US and Canadian customers can mail 5-10 items of our clean, empty beauty packaging to Pact’s recycling facility. Our goal: no packaging sent to the landfill or making its way into the ocean.

To participate in the Mail Back Collection Program, click the button below to find out what packaging Pact is able to accept and help us take responsibility for our industry’s impact on the planet.



(US + Canada excluded)

For customers outside of the US and Canada, you can do your part too. Bring out the activist in you, our recycling program benefits both mother nature and your skin while rewarding you with 20% off your next order. Here’s how it works:

1. Separate and thoroughly wash each component of your packaging

2. Send us a picture of you placing them in the appropriate recycling bin to hello@luxebotanics.com or post on Instagram using the hashtag #RecycleWithLuxe

3. We'll send you a unique code for a 20% discount off your next order Thank you for helping us be a conscious brand.

The above information does not consider or substitute your local recycling rules and regulations. Please contact your local recycling provider for more information.


Watch how to recycle your LUXE packaging



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Our Pact to You

We are continually pushing ourselves to improve our packaging to create the most sustainable and effective skincare for you. The next opportunities we are looking into are refill packaging to encourage you to reuse your primary packaging as well as a verifiable returnable and circular packaging program, but we would love to hear your ideas. Please contact us at hello@luxebotanics.com or for more information about our current packaging practices.